Good for you! You’ve made a commitment to be there!


Do you find yourself wondering where your life went?

Is there no time or money left for you?

Do you find your life swallowed up by the commitment that you’ve taken on?

Does it feel like many of your friends have deserted you?

Whether you have taken on the challenge of being a care-giver for someone who is disabled or aged; whether you’re helping a friend deal with a great tragedy;  whether you find that your friends and family keep taking your time and energy without giving any back, you’re still committed. You’re still meeting the obligations you took on with integrity and honour.

But sometimes it feels like you’ve given so much, there isn’t anything left.  You’re exhausted. You have no time left.  Maybe you have no money left, either.  That isn’t good for you!  And it’s not very good for the person you’re supporting, either

I can help you find ways to create real, works-for-you boundaries that will allow you to take time and energy for you, while still meeting the needs of your loved ones.

And I can help you find ways of letting go, too.