Welcome to Opus Novum.

This is a place where those who help survivor (I don’t use “victims”) of catastrophic or life-changing events can find some support themselves.

“Opus Novum” means “a new work”.  When an artist or composer creates something new, something that is their best work to date, it’s sometimes called an “Opus”.

That’s what Opus Novum is about.  When we undertake to support a survivor, we often don’t know what we’re ‘signing on’ for.  We enter into a new kind of relationship, one that might turn out to be very different from the old relationship.  Time, money, energy, even entertainment all take on new meanings in this new way of relating.

Deciding to be part of a support network is one of the most generous things anyone can do. Opus Novum is a place where you can learn how to do it, without losing yourself in the process.